February 3, 2009

Six Words...for Motherhood

"My marital advice? Marry an orphan." - Kristina Wright

Inspired by a new book on love and heartbreak called "Not Quite What I Was Expecting: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure", I've decided to attempt summing up motherhood in six-word phrases. Feel free to add your own - hey, we've all got a mom somewhere.

Never before felt so much worry.

All the gains outweigh my losses.

No thanks. I'm good with two.

One boy. One girl. It's perfection.

When do I get adult conversation?

How is this much love possible?

How do moms of multiples survive?

Of course I'm a working mother.

Back then, friends' moms were cool.

My mom believed in unconditional love.

1 confessions & pardons:

Anonymous said...

Mother-sight is always twenty-twenty.